Aside from the following special betting rules, the common betting rules apply. The special rules will take precedence over the common rules nevertheless.

1.) Match markets: All match markets will be settled on regulation time (specific to the competition governing body), inclusive of time added by the referee but excluding Overtime/Extra-Time and Penalties, unless stated otherwise. This includes Match Odd/Even which, in the event of no score, will be settled as Even.

2.) Match time: Regulation must be completed for bets to stand unless settlement is already determined.

3.) Abandoned Match: Should a match be abandoned before the end of regulation time, all bets will be declared void unless a definitive result for that market has already been determined prior to abandonment.

4.) Half bets: First and Second half bets will be settled at the end of the specified half (including any time added by the referee but excluding any extra-time played). In the event of a specific half not being completed, bets will be void unless settlement is already determined.

5.) Timed Markets: For settlement purposes, the 1st minute of the game is from 1 second to 59 seconds. The 2nd minute is from 1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds and so on. For example, if a bet is placed on a goal being scored between 1 and 10 minutes and a goal is scored at 10 minutes 49 seconds, the bet will lose as this falls within the 11 to 20 minutes time frame.

6.) Tournament Betting: Predicting which selection will win a tournament. All in, compete or not. Bets are settled on the official result immediately after the last match in the tournament has taken place and any subsequent amendments or inquiries will not affect bets. To Qualify/Lift Trophy/Win Shootout bets include overtime and penalties.

7.) Relegation: This bet relates to the teams, which occupy the relegation places at the end of the season. All future changes, which may occur for whatever reason, are deemed irrelevant for this bet.