Tournament tickets

  1. A tournament ticket is a virtual voucher with a specified value that You may use in order to join a specified tournament and may be acquired in the following circumstances:

    1. Won by You in a Sit & Go or multi-table tournament (either with a real money buy-in or zero buy-in)
    2. Issued to You as a prize in a Promotion and
    3. Issued to You for compensatory reasons.
  2. Tournament tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for a cash equivalent of its specified value. Multiple tournament tickets cannot be used in conjunction to enter into a tournament with a higher buy-in value than the specified value of each individual tournament ticket.
  3. All tournament tickets have an expiry date set either as a specified date or a date after a specified period of time from the date on which the tournament ticket was acquired. Once a tournament ticket has expired, it can no longer be used and will be removed from Your Account.
  4. Any ticket that has not been used within 6 months will automatically expire, regardless of the displayed expiration on the ticket in question.
  5. In the event that you register for a tournament using a tournament ticket and that tournament is cancelled before it starts, you will be eligible to keep such tournament ticket and use it for entry into another tournament. If the tournament is cancelled after it starts, you will be compensated for such cancellation, as if you had used cash to register for such tournament, in the same way that other players in such tournament are compensated at our sole discretion.
  6. The details of your tournament tickets including their value and expiry date can be found in Your Account by clicking on: “My tickets” located in the bottom right of the poker lobby.